Funding Options

Finance Your Business Future Today with Our Custom Solutions.

Pioneer Capital Group is an experienced provider of alternative financing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Our team takes the time to understand your business and then develops solutions tailored to your individual needs. We have worked with businesses at all levels of development, from start-ups to established operations to mid-tier growth companies.

We provide product recommendations based on the type of financing that is best suited to your needs and capacity. We take into consideration your time in business, cash on hand, credit score, use of funds and the details that make you unique. We then work to secure funds using a wide-range of financing products.

  • Short-term Bridge Financing

    No more missed opportunities. Get the capital you need to move forward quickly when faced with opportunities that can’t wait.

  • Working Capital

    Don’t let slow receivables cramp your style. Temporary cash will help you stay on track while the balance sheet catches up. This type of financing is perfect for seasonal and project-based businesses.

  • Term Loans

    For existing businesses with projects that have a longer payback process. These collateralized loans are perfect for businesses with a track record of two years or more.

  • Merchant Cash Advances

    When you literally need cash within days, this type of funding may be just the ticket to moving forward quickly. No collateral is required and fewer documents are needed (primarily bank statements and business tax returns).

  • Equipment Financing and more

    We’ve got you covered for equipment financing, factoring and real estate loans.